What does the algorithm update mean for Google Shopping Ads?

As I mentioned in my last post regarding the recent Google Adwords algorithm change in February, the search engine results page now looks very different to the way it did before and this has had major implications for advertisers. As I explained before, the changes were made for a number of reasons, firstly to make the ad space more efficient on mobile, and second to provide a designated space for Google shopping product listings.

From the previous four ads spots available for product listings, there are now eight possible product spots up for grabs! Buuut, don’t be fooled into thinking that this means more chance of getting them. It is actually designed to do the opposite. By making these spots more prominent, Google effectively drives up the competition by forcing brands and retailers realise the commercial value of being at the top of google search with a visual presence.

Google shopping is most certainly on the rise with more and more ecommerce websites allocating a larger portion of their online spend for Shopping ads as opposed to general PPC text ads due to better overall results. Google Shopping results tend to generate better click through and conversion rates than basic traditional text ads.

This is due to increased brand exposure from the possibility for advertisers to showcase multiple PLA’s for any one search term, a search that can also return a text ad for the same product or brand. Not only this but better quality of click throughs also means that the click spend is more valuable than a text ad. The visual element and call to actions included on shopping results means that clickers are more likely to convert rather than simply browse. This therefore means more quality traffic and sales for ecommerce brands which is understandably a positive result.

The key to running a successful shopping campaign is optimisation of your merchant centre data feeds which requires in depth technical knowledge and expertise.

Here at RS Digital, we specialise in fashion and retail therefore Google Shopping configuration and set up is second nature for us. Our Google shopping set up and management fees start from £300 per month. We’ll ensure that your ads are optimised to the max and generating a significant return. We’ll also work with you to grow and develop your shopping account to ensure that your ecommerce sales continue to be profitable.

If you’d like help setting up and managing your Google Shopping account, get in touch with rachel@rsdigitalandcreative.co.uk for an informal chat about how we can work with you to grow your online activity and results.