Top fashion & retail tech innovations

Top Fashion Tech Innovations 2016


Originally launching as a fun photo sharing mobile app where users could send random images of their daily activities to others, Snapchat is definitely one of the fastest growing social media platforms of 2015/16 especially when it comes to brand building. It has gradually evolved into a pop culture phenomenon with the addition of many new features designed to keep brands, celebrities and the mass audience engrossed in it.

Brands and celebrities are using the platform to create and reinforce their brand identity and drum up publicity for product launches, events or viewing figures as it offers an air of intrigue that the other social platforms don’t. It also feels like a more personal interaction than the other social media channels because users feel like they are seeing something that only a few select people have been allowed to see which is very personal to the viewer.

Fashion and retail brands are using Snapchat to post exclusive graphic snaps of new lines, exclusive events, promotions or live footage of photo shoots, fashion shows or even general daily behind the scenes snaps that support the brand image.

Mobile Payments “Apple Pay”

Today, browsing customers are a lazy generation, therefore higher converting websites make the ordering process as simple, quick and easy as possible and Apple pay is a great way of doing this, especially for audiences that tend to be that little bit more savvy. Samsung and Google are also now working on on their own versions of the mobile payment option as customer expectations now


Personal preference merchandising

A relatively new innovation which basically acts as a digital sales assistant for your regular customers by allowing you to automatically and dynamically adjust what products the customer sees when they log on to your website and begin their browsing session. The software uses an algorithm within your website that assesses browsing and buying behaviour of the users both on and off your site and automatically adjusts your product merchandising based on shopper activity. Yes online! E.g. if a customer regularly buys clothing in muted colours, then this colour pallet will appear at the top of any given search, and therefore increasing the likelihood of a conversion for the retailer.

Many retailers have seen their sales double, and conversion rate increase significantly because each session is tailored and personalised to each web visitor without their knowledge, they simply believe that the website is great and suits them to a T due to the number of products that appeal to them.

It has also said to increase average order value because more suitable products are being positioned next to each other therefore making it easier for the customer to find them. As mentioned already, today shoppers are lazy so e-tailers must make everything, including locating products as easy and quick as possible


Crosswise cookie trail

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, most marketers are aware of the retargeting trend which hit the ecommerce industry a few years ago. Online retailers are able to retarget consumers that had visited their website and browsed their product inventory. Now, some of the most innovative retailers have acquired a new software that goes one step further.

Crosswise uses an algorithm that tracks and analyses consumer behaviour across the web, on multiple devices, regardless of whether they have visited the said website. The algorithm can identify one single user, whether they are using a mobile, laptop, or desktop and can target them with brand and product ads based on their search activity. E.g. a user has been searching for black ankle boots on their mobile device and a retailer can subsequently use this data to show an ad to this user, featuring an appropriate product or category from their own inventory to prompt a click through.


Mmuze social trends

The last tech trend which we’ve noticed in the ecommerce industry is potentially the most interesting and innovative one of them all. It is also one of the newest too with only very few retailers making use of this tool at the moment.

Mmuze social app tracks and analyses user activity on social media and how they interact with other brands, celebrities and news. It identifies trends and influencers and then helps you to optimise your social campaigns so that you are able to take full advantage of this interaction. It can also dynamically pick out products from your inventory and incorporate them into your Facebook or Instagram ads based on the activity of social media engagement and social trends. E.g the algorithm will detect when a well known popular celebrity has been snapped wearing a piece that social media has picked up on, Mzuze will pick out the products and target those users that have interacted with the trend.

Generally it seems like retailers are very much leading the way in the digital marketing arena by making very good use of consumer data that is so readily available and easy to extract from the digital channels used by the users each day, multiple times per day. Consumers are so willing to provide valuable data about themselves online just to make their lives that little bit more easier.