How fashion brands can leverage Instagram stories

The snapchat story copycat launched at the end of last year, and already brands have began to leverage the new features to it’s 600 million monthly users. But how exactly are brands¬†using the new feature? What type of content are they putting out there? How often, and does it really produce results? Well here are some of the great ways that fashion brands and retailers are using Instagram stories, whether it’s an organised campaign or relaxed, sneak peek style coverage. Here are some great ways that you can use this excellent free to use social feature. You’d be silly not to take advantage.


Behind the scenes

Customers want to feel like they’ve seen something that is a secret, or that they are getting more from you than anyone else is. It makes them feel unique and encourages them to engage. With that in mind, behind the scenes snaps or videos that can be viewed for a limited time, like on Instagram stories, is a great way generating intrigue. It creates a feeling that they are seeing things that nobody else has seen and if your followers are keen followers of the fashion industry or style and brand in general, they will be very interested in your behind the scenes footage and snaps.


Suspense build up for new product or campaign

On the back of the notion of creating intrigue, you can also use Instagram stories as a method of building suspense and keeping users tuned it to your profile. You can do this by making an announcement that a new product or offer is coming “soon” with a cryptic teaser in a visual format or message. You can then keep teasing the audience with further stories until you’re ready to make the big announcement.


Q&A session

Audiences love the opportunity to be featured on your content, and lets face it, we are a nation of nosey parkers too so being given the chance to ask someone of a interest direct questions is an exciting prospect. Ask your audience to post their questions in the comments and answer away, it’s a fantastic way to get engagement and impart useful and persuasive information to your audience.


Take Over

Do you have a brand advocate, a celebrity or a prominent figure within your business that your audience would be interested to “meet”. If so, let them take over your Instagram stories for a few hours. Let them tae your audience through their day and weave in your brand or products where appropriate. This helps to reinforce your brand by emanating a particular lifestyle via your takeover representative.


Hints, Tips and Advice

If there are frequently asked questions that your customer service teams appear to be bombarded with on a regular basis or there appears to be an industry wide interest in a particular topic or theme. e.g. how to create the festival look, how to dress to create a slimmer waste, how to wear bold colours….Your content doesn’t always need to be linked directly to your products either, just something of interest to your target audience. Some brands do make-up and hair tutorials, or fitness routines. You should have already built an idea of your brand and target consumer, all you need to do is feed them your brand.

So that’s our advice in a nutshell. We hope you found it useful or insightful at the least. If you want to leverage social media¬†for your own brand but don’t seem to have the time or understanding. Get in touch with us and we’ll put together a plan for your brand and propel you’re brand into the social space.

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