Brands using 360 degree virtual reality content

Brands using Facebook 360 virtual reality

If you run a great brand that has lots of amazing surroundings and exciting events going on, then you need to be using a very simple but effective tool for showcasing this to your audience. Wouldn’t it be amazing to put your audience into the centre of an experience by showing them exactly what’s going on all the way around you? I’m sure you’ve seen the new feature that was rolled out across Facebook worldwide earlier this year which gives the ability for Facebook users to upload a full 360 degree panoramic image or video whereby viewers can move and tilt their mobile devices, up, down, sideways and backwards to view the photograph as if there were there themselves. This exciting virtual reality, which also just launched on Snapchat ads, is extremely simple to do and can provide you with social media content that is much more engaging than a basic image.

If you want to see how other brands are harnessing 360 to their advantage, take a look at what Asda George and Barbour did to increase engagement using the new technology.




360 degree content is being used more and more regularly by the leading brands like Barbour to give their audience the perception that they have gained exclusive access to spaces usually only available to VIP’s or the media. The visual innovation allowed Barbour to invite audiences to get exclusive access to their SS17 show at men’s fashion week in June which proved hugely successful to their engagement strategy.

Asda George

As well as providing interesting visual content, 360 video or imaging can also be used as the focal point of great marketing campaigns. Much like Asda George did for the launch of their Spring/Summer homeware collection. The brand utilised this feature and made it into a game by hiding easter eggs inside a video tour of a branded house.The first person to uncover these hidden pieces of content won a prize.

So why use 360?

The stats show that interactive content delivers strong benchmark results in comparison to non interactive content.

  • 67% interaction rate
  • 5 times longer engagement than a non-interactive video
  • 14%-48% click-through rate

The benefits of such engagement are hugely advantageous to your overall brand authority online and creates a domino effect of traffic results. Strong online authority means increased organic search rankings, and since this channel is generally one of the highest converting for web sales. It’s a no brainer and so easy to apply!!

If you want to start using 360 visual content or need help creating and delivering a successful social media engagement strategy, then get in touch to have a chat about how we can help you increase sales through innovation.