5 helpful hints and tips for Facebook and Instagram advertising

Drill down your ad targeting. Don’t open up your ad targeting just because you can see the reach figures increasing when the targeting is more open. Of course you’ll see higher numbers in your reach column because you’re showing your ad to lots of people! But what is this really doing for your sales and campaign profitability? The key is to reach people that are more likely to convert, making your advertising produce actual cash sales through your website. Reach is great if all you want is brand awareness but if you want to increase online sales, you need to reach the right people. To do this, think about your core customer, who are they and what are their key demographics? I.e. age, location, hobbies, jobs etc. Apply these filters to your ad targeting and your campaigns will deliver the right results.

social media targeting

Use your list. If you have a customer database of email addresses and newsletter sign ups, then you need to be using this data to your advantage. Use the ‘Custom Audiences’ section to upload your database and target your Facebook adverts to this audience. Seeing as though this audience are already aware of your brand and have most likely already made a purchase with you previously, you could potentially include ad copy that reflects your email newsletter offers or include a marketing push to get the customer to login onto your website to redeem an exclusive offer and thus providing additional support of your marketing offers.

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Create a lookalike audience. In addition to the previously mentioned targeting drill down, it is also possible to outline a specific audience based on a number of different sources whether that is your email database, your website visitors or even followers of any other page. You can use these sources to create an audience that reflects the same behaviours and demographics of those people and therefore providing your campaigns with a better possibility of a high conversion rate.

facebook lookalike audience

Create a dynamic retargeting feed. The Facebook advertising dashboard also provides the ability for retailers to upload a product feed and conversion pixel whereby you can run a retargeting campaign on a product level. If you’re not familiar with product retargeting, it works by placing a peiuce piece of algorithm on your website which dumps a cookie (a piece of code) onto the browsers of your website visitors. The product which that said customer had been viewing or added to basket will then be shown to them on Facebook and Instagram as a social ad. This technique is an excellent conversion optimisation tool which gives users the extra push that they need to loop back to the product that they would have otherwise forgotten about. Setting up a product feed can be a little complicated if you’re not familiar with how they work but it is something that your developer or a marketing specialist can easily arrange. Feel free to contact me if your keen to set this up for your own website. I’d be happy to help you.

Facebook product feeds

Check all ad settings and placements. It is important that you consider your ad placements so that your ads appear in the right place and minimise cost per click wastage that will not deliver results. E.g. if your brand or ecommerce is a high end visual brand where engagement is more prevalent on Instagram and Facebook newsfeeds, then you might want to consider unchecking the other placements and leave only these ones live, otherwise you risk spreading budget across placements that are not going to generate results. Also, what is the ad aiming to do? Do you want more brand awareness or do you want the user to take action like make a purchase or send an enquiry? The campaign metrics that you select can have a huge impact on the results you get so take care to check every element of the setup of your campaigns to ensure that you get the results you want. For example, do you want to pay cost per click or cost per impression? What results are you willing to pay a price for?

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